Stepping outside of a library, the young Vizard Pietro LaSasso pulled out a small book. It was title The Giver. He put it inside of his bag that was drapped from his shoulder to waist. He looked up and quickly grew tense.

"What is that Reiatsu" he thought holding up his hand. He opened up his hand revealing a small green pill. He popped it in his mouth and he disappeared from sight, of an average human. To a spiritually aware being, he was visible. On his side was a katana. He began jumping through the sky towards his target. Meanwhile, two being stood across from each other. "Who are you!" called one who had long black hair. "I am the reincarnation of Satan itself! My name is Fukyuko Ichidou!" he announced revealing his two swords connected by a chain. He jumped at the man and sliced down. "Care to die" screamed Fukyuko. "No..." said the man stabbing into Fukyuko with his sword. He held out his hand and fired a blast of white lightning. Fukyuko flew back on his head and sat up. "Ha! Awseome" he called pointing out on of his blades. "BAN-KAI!" he screamed as a blast of black lightning struck him and he reappeared holding an axe covered in skulls. He held it out and a black smoke poured from a skulls mouth. It filled the air and surronded the man. "A person like you, isn't even fit to tell me your name" muttered Fukyuko. Appearing behind Fukyuko the man stood holding a gourd on his back. A trident of sand in his hand was about to strike when the man began to speak. "My name is Keigai Honrui." he muttered as he stabbed Fukyuko. Suddenly as an inch pierced into Fukyuko a blast of light shot Keigai a while away. The trident disperced and the two were looking on at a new arrival. "Ciao gentleman. I hope you are ready to fight" he said smirking and placing a hand infront of his eye pattern headband.

The three looked at each other and all took a defensive stance. "You both have high Reiatsu levels" said Pietro pointing at Keigai. "Yours especially" he spoke holding his hand infront of his face. A mask began to form and his eyes changed to a black with yellow pupils. Both Fukyuko and Keigai were shocked. "A- a Mask!" called Fukyuko who was surprised. "You're a Vizard" said Keigai changing his expression and folding his arms. Keigai smirked and a mask formed over his face. Fukyuko looked at both desperatly and smiled. "I guess we all have a bit of Hollow in us" he said planting his axe in the ground. Holding out his hand he waved it over his face and a mask formed.

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