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Threat is the first book in the Aien Kien Saga.


Peace, it is a word many people in all words have not thought of in a long time; but today it has finally arrived. Every world is calm, no wars of any kind have been had and today for once, many people decide to just sleep through it.

However, they should know by now that peace can't come this easily. Peace can create love, but so can war and now war has dominated peace once again.

A shinigami is attacked and wounded, with wounds matching Seireitou Kawahiru's blade. The Gotei 13 doesn't tolerate it and lays seige to the Order's hideout.

Meanwhile one of the Order's members is attack as well, this time it points to Ryan Getsueikirite's blade.

Fingers are being pointed left and right, and it is causing the Vizards and Shinigami to ignore signs that something is stirring in the Seireiti, Hueco Mundo, Earth, and even the Dangai. Ryan tries to find peaceful ways to end this and Sei hopes to find proof tht Ryan isn't guilty either, but nerves are being fraid, and many are fearing the worse: a War.

The story is beginning, but it might end just as quickly, and everything is tied together. Who shall begin the war? Or will a being shrouded in mystery prevent it from happening: with the Shinigami and Vizard's deaths?


Part 1: To Add Insult to Injury


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