This page details all major events within the Bleach Fanfiction Wikia. The purpose of such as list is to ensure a consistent continuity so that events don't overlap (eg. having supposedly two separate captains for the same division at once). If any users know of important events that are not listed here (eg. births, story lines, captain & lieutenant promotions etc) you are highly encouraged to add them to the list.

Since the canon does not give specific dates for events, the timeline shall be indicated with respect to the canon. Events that occur prior to the first chapter/episode of the canon shall be classified as Before Canon (BC); events that occur amidst the canon shall be classified as During Canon (DC); and events that occur following the canon shall be classified as After Canon (AF). Events Before Canon shall be listed in a descending order with the events furthest from the start time wise at the top and events closest at the bottom. Both During Canon and After Canon shall be in an ascending order. During Canon shall start from the beginning of the canon and After Canon shall be listed from the end of the canon.

Before Canon

To Be Categorized Properly

  • The Kawahiru Clan Massacre occurs
  • Kamui betrays Soul Society
  • The Six Founders create the race of the Forfaðir

During Canon

After Canon

0 Years

6 Months

2 Years

3 Months

  • All Captain and Lieutenant positions have been filled, creating a new Gotei 13
  • Old Gotei 13 Captains and Lieutenants promoted to Zero Division

15 Years

5 Months

  • The Gotei is attacked by a new set of Espada; Beginning of the Second Coming of Aizen Arc
  • Captain of the 3rd Division, Ichiro, is killed by the effects of his own zanpakuto

44 Years

2 Months

  • The war with former Captain Commander Akijin's Arrancar army begins; Begining of the Arrancar Wars Arc

45 Years

3 Months

  • All Captain and Lieutenant positions have been filled, once again creating a new Gotei 13

To Be Categorized Properly

Seireitou and Kamui Saga

Lost and Found

Meeting of the Captains: Where is Magatsuhi?

Search for Magatsuhi

The Mystery Deepens - Forgotten Secrets are Unveiled Vaknamál

Legacy of the Kawahiru Saga

Bonds of the Kawahiru Brothers Saga

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