Tonbogiri (蜻蛉切 lit. "Dragonfly Cutting Spear") Tonbogiri is a melee type zanpakuto.


Tonbogiri looks like a regular katana when sealed. It has a dark green hilt and sheath. Its guard is in the shape of a rounded asterisk which resemble the body and wings of a dragonfly.


Tonbogiri's shikai is released by the phrase "Anata no Tsubasa no Hirogari" (あなたの羽を広げ lit. "Spread Your Wings"). When released, Tonbogiri changes from a sword to a long spear with an open bladed circle that extends into a blade resembling a tear drop.


Tonbogiri's only ability is its power to cut through almost any object or material. Even touching the flat side of the blade will result in getting cut.


Currently, Tonbogiri does not have a bankai.


Tonbogiri is the name of one of the three legendary Japanese spears along with Nihongo and Otegine. Tonbogiri's ability comes from a Japanese legend where a dragonfly landed on a soldier's spear and was instantly cut in two, hense "Dragonfly Cutting Spear."

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