“Little” Hiromi and Toshio. They were in the house of Toshio’s foster family during their days in Rukongai. Toshio brought her to them to introduce her.

Toshio’s from Inuzuri, the South Alley of Flowing Spirits. There, he Lived with kind family who took him on to them. He eventually met Hiromi when he defended her against the vendor who pointed its finger at her for stealing its vending goods. At first, Hiromi hated him because he’s very nice. Toshio tried to spend time with her, but Hiromi ditched him. However, when the vendor tried to kill Hiromi, Toshio saved her, but instead Toshio was stabbed. After the incident, Hiromi apologized to him for being such a jerk and thanked him for saving her butt. Toshio promised that he’ll protect her no matter what. Since then, Hiromi and he become close friend. When they discovered they had Reiryoku, they decided to become Shinigami.

At the academy, Toshio accepted into top class, being master at zanpakuto and Kido. His sensei was Soifon. At the academy, Toshio became friend of Kevin Nguyen, who proceeded to become his 1st Seated Officer. He graduated from the academy on its 2010th year. Kevin, Hiromi and he served under Soifon in the 2nd Squad, after Hiromi and Kevin were put under Kira Izuru and Momo Hinamori in the 3rd and 5th Squad correspondingly. The impressive Toshio was promoted by Soifon to 1st Seated Officer of Squad 2 and Deputy of Executive Militia. During his time as Executive Militia Deputy, He requested Soifon to instruct him to be stronger than before. At first, Toshio every test he had with Soifon, but then at the final test, he beat Soifon. Soifon was glad he exceedingly developed. Thus, she recommended him to take her place as Squad 2 captain. Toshio gladly accepted his recommendation and eventually Yamamoto-Genryuusai, Retsu Unohana, Byakuya Kuchiki approved he’s qualified. Toshio became the new captain of Squad 2.

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