Toshiro Saeki is the current captain of Second Division and Onmitsukido after the departure of Soifon to Soul Society and Hiromi is his current deputy-captain after promotion of Marechiyo Omaeda to Zero Division.


Toshiro Saeki was from Inuzuri the Region 78 of Rukongai. He was brought in there after he passed away in the Human World. He grew up as an orphan including with several other children, but they all passed away in a strange phenomenon that happened to decrease several spirits in Rukongai. Because of that, he lived by himself, even though it's very difficult to survive in his age, until he encountered and took in by Hiromi and her family. Hiromi was happy his family are still together, whereas Toshiro was sad he passed away without having a chance to see his baby sister. Though Toshiro and Hiromi held victims of Blind Spirits who happened to be the cause of the strange phenomenon in Rukongai, they were saved by Isshin Kurosaki and his armies. Toshiro was inspired towards Isshin and thereupon join Soul Society to be like Isshin.

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