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"Akisha" is her nickname. Tristitia is the 7th Espada in Rayanone Michihofo's Arrancar Army.


Akisha is the 7th Espada, and at a time was an accomplice of Arturo Plateado, before joining Aizen as a numeros (he did not recognise her talent), and as such later aided the fight against Aizen, and then later joined Michihofo. She always chooses whoever is "fated to win". Her history is mostly unknown, but she was describing it to Byakuya, and was starting to say "Because Ginrei Kuchiki is-" before she was killed by Byakuya for "talking too much", although it is clear the real reason she died is because Byakuya was afraid of the truth, as stated by Leogal Gallinilane. What Leogal is talking about is currently unknown.


Her zanpakuto is esqueleto (Spanish for "skeleton"). In its sealed state, it takes the form of a big yellowish sword.


Kill, Esqueleto

  • Resurrección: Its released command is kill. When she releases it, she turns into a skeleton-like demon with dual flame swords.
Resurrección Special Ability:

Nobody really knows what she can do in this form.

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