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Tsuchiro Hitsugaya a.k.a. 0 Espada
Age 100 years older than Toshiro, deceased (killed by his brother)
Gender Male
Species Arrancar
Affiliation Espada
Previous Affiliation Shinigami 2nd Division, Onmitsukido
Team Espada Great Triumvirate
Occupation 0 Espada
Previous Occupation(s) Onmitsukido Commander, 2nd Division Captain

Grandmother back in the rukon, Toshiro Hitsugaya

TSUCHIRO HITSUGAYA, better known by his title, 0 Espada (Yammy is officially the Tenth Espada. Tsuchiro is the official 0), is the biological older brother of Toshiro Hitsugaya. However, he became a hollow, not a shinigami. He is happy that his brother is of Captain rank, but does not believe he is truly worthy of his title. His only Fraccion is Leogal Gallinilane.

0 Espada is the strongest Espada in Aizen's army. His Zanpakuto is Rana Tosigo Dardo (Poison Dart Frog). Rana Tosigo Dardo's unreleased form looks like a pitchfork with purple blades. It's resureccìon command is Pinchar expeditivo (sting rapidly). In his resureccìon form, 0 Espada has frog-like armor and Rana Tosigo Dardo becomes a giant gavel with purple poisonous blades coming from the top. 0 Espada also becomes as big as a Gillian, although he was a Vasto Lorde. He has no remaining Hollow mask parts, but his left leg is hollow-like, it is shaped very much like a frog's leg. 0 Espada is the 0 Espada because of Rana Tosigo Dardo. He has the only Arrancar Zanpakuto known that has Bankai.

Sapo Gigante-Rana Tosigo Dardo, which means Giant Toad-Poison Dart Frog, is the name of 0 Espada's Bankai. 0 Espada becomes a multicolored Gillian with a huge metal detector thing that has magnetic powers. Anything that touches his metal detector becomes severely poisoned. The antidote, however, is the right eye-socket of 0 Espada in his multicolored Gillian Bankai form. As the name suggests, Rainbow Gillian 0 Espada and his poisonous magnetic Metal Detector Rana Tosigo Dardo are riding on a giant poison dart frog. Around them is an entire army of regular sized frogs of all kinds. Regardless if the original frog species is poisonous, all Armyfrogs are toxic.

He was the Captain of Division 2 before Yoruichi, he was attacked by Aizen the same way the Vizards were, but his Hollowfication was complete, not stopped.

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