Tsuki Ryoko
Age 19
Species Quincy
Affiliation Quincies
Occupation Hollow Hunter


--Shootout 23:33, October 27, 2009 (UTC)


Tsuki has purple hair, which she keeps in two ponytails, and crimson eyes. She wears a black one-piece suit and purple stockings with black boots.


She is a lone wanderer that roves all over the Sereitei looking for his mother and father, who died in the human world when she still was young. She still does not know if who killed her parents was a Hollow or a Soul Reaper, and so is decided to discover it to kill him. In her journeys she forms an alliance with other Quincy orphans sworn to find their parents' souls.


Her weapon, differently of most other quincies, is not a bow, but a clump of piercing reiatsu that is shaped like a kunai. Due to the high concentration of reiatsu in the tip, it can pierce anything except for other reiatsu.

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