Custom saya samurai sword 540


Tsukichi is a kido and dark type Zanpakutou. It looks as it does above, and can reach Bankai. The command phrase is "Rakuza Itami" (lit. Ease the Pain). In Shikai Tsukichi becomes a long staff with a black orb at the end. The user can then cast a shadow that imitates a lunar eclipse. In Shikai, the wielder can use multiple attacks such as

Otaki Doki (lit. Cascading Wrath)- The user will create a black shroud that can block light attacks, such as physical combat.

Jouka Kyuutai (lit. Purification Orb)- The user will trap the target in a pure white ball. This ball will contain Spiritual Pressure, sealing the target inside of it. This attack cannot last longer than 2 and a half hours.

Bankai- In Bankai, Tsukichi becomes Koumori Tsuki (lit. Bat Moon). The user gains a pair of black wings made of a dark colored blod. They can fly to a certain degree and have a new shroud that works similar to the ability of Arrancar that hardens their skin. The user also looses the staff and gains a chain covered in black fire that can deal tremendous amounts of damage.

The spirit of Tsukichi, is a young woman with large torn black wings and a pink dress. She is a fallen princess who has blood tear from her eyes permanently. She is quite attractive.

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