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Tsuyuri Kawahiru
Seis mother
Name Tsuyuri Kawahiru
Kanji 河昼月ゆり
Romanji Kawahiru Tsuyuri
Professional Status
Affiliation Reiōkyū
Occupation Spirit King's Concubine
Team Royal Family
Partner None
Signature Skill Unknown

Tsuyuri Kawahiru (河昼月ゆり, Kawahiru Tsuyuri) is one of the concubines of the Soul King of Soul Society. Throughout this period, in which Tsuyuri was impregnated by the Spirit King's most unique and arguably powerful Reijutsu, she had given birth to three of the Spirit King's children. By order of birth, they are Kamui Kawahiru, Seireitou Kawahiru, Kushina Kawahiru, and Yukina Kawahiru.

Character Overview


Tsuyuri's full appearance.

Tsuyuri is a tall, thin, rather largely endowed, elegant woman with extremely long silver hair. Like her daughter's, she has a pale complexion and soothing brown-red eyes. Her outfit choice is described as the royalty extravagant mimicking her personality. Her attire consists of elaborate dresses to kimonos with every kind of design.

Not much is known of Tsuyuri's personality save for that she was raised to be the perfect example of nobility. All that she did, how she spoke and walked and behaved, all reflected an innate affiliation to royalty itself. However, despite this, she had desired from the depths of her core for the happiness that can only come about from raising a family together with one she would come to love.


Born in nobility as one of the last Kawahiru Clan family members, Tsuyuri eventually grew up to be a beautiful maiden that outshone many others around her. She had always dreamed of one day marrying a handsome man and raising a family together with him. However, despite the looks of admiration she received all throughout her life and the suitors that had come to request her hand in marriage, she became depressed when she learned that she was barren; Tsuyuri was unable to conceive children of her own. Desperate to fulfill her dream of having a family, she was able to request an audience with the Soul King by way of her nobility. The King answered her cries and was able to grant her heart's deepest wish on the condition that the child she bore would be groomed to become the heir to the Royal Family of Soul Society; in a time of great turmoil and conflict, the King needed a proper heir that could replace him if he were to ever lose his life. That child came to be known as Kamui Kawahiru.

However, her wishes were all but truly resolved. Kamui was taken by the Royal Guard and raised to be a strong, suitable heir to the Soul King. In the process, Tsuyuri was only granted very little visitation rights to see him in Reiōkyū; the royal palace. Centuries had past and this resentment toward being used simply to produce an expendable heir rather than a child she could raise herself as a true mother began to deepen Tsuyuri's depression. It had reached a point where she sought once more to have a child, but her demands were denied, for the King no longer required an heir and therefore had no reason to grant her such a wish; for she had already served her purpose to him. She did unspeakable things; horrid and heinous things in order to acquire what she desired from the King who promised much to her and gave her little in return for her sacrifice. In the process, she was impregnated once more with her second child, who would come to be known as Seireitou Kawahiru. She managed to give birth to her second child in secret, a boy who bore the same blood as her first born, and raised him privately for the first three and a half years of his life. However, she was eventually discovered, and the child apprehended; cast aside to the far reaches of Rukongai as punishment for his mother's insolence and left to die in the blood-stained wasteland. Unbeknownst to her though, the boy managed to thrive; the boy had no choice but to become stronger through instinct, in order to survive.

What happened beyond that time is presently unknown, but due to the rebellious actions of both her sons, which eventually led to Kamui defecting from the palace and denouncing his title, Tsuyuri had once more produced an heir for the King in the form of Yukina Kawahiru; the only female child and the current "Soul Princess" that is destined to replace the King if his life were ever to come to an end.




Behind the Scenes

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