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"So that's what his Bankai looks like." Ryan observed to himself. He put his hand to his forehead as the green line of reiatsu appeared around him again, "No reason for me to hold back then." he said pulling down to dawn his mask. His Chánlánbǎoshí reiatsu was emanating from his blade. By simply raising his blade and slightly swinging it, he released a long stream of Chánlánbǎoshí which pushed Seireitou back. He then charged Chánlánbǎoshí within his blade and met Seireitou's, argumentation his blade strength with Chánlánbǎoshí.

Seireitou shut his eyes, as Ryan's own reiatsu began to disperse as it was being distrupted. At that moment, Seireitou took hold of his blade's chain and began to swing it around and threw it at Ryan, slicing at him across the midsection. If that wasn't enough, he fueled his strikes with his black/crimson reiatsu as half of Ryan's mask was torn off as he collided into quartz bushes, shattering the lot of them as he landed on the hard crystals. Ryan hit the ground hard but pushed himself back into a standing position, "Bǐtóulínghún." he declared. Ryan first suspended Seireitou, then he literally, shoved his hand through Seireitou's chest into his inner world. Behind the victim appeared a hurricane shaped vortex of reiatsu the color of the Seireitou's reiatsu. Ryan then pulled his hand out, with four snow white strings now attached to his fingers. He tugs on these strings and the replica of the Senka, Minkai, Haizo and Ryan himself walk out, shaped in a diamond like substance. "All that is visible in the Mirror, is under my Command."

Seireitou held his blade up high, "Joukai Sutoraiku." he stated, as a large white bird-like reiatsu shone up high and flew a the replicas, shattering them as the attack reached Ryan with extreme force. Beyond the light, Ryan could actually see Heaven's Gates for a split second, as the attack blew him into the sands with a loud thud. He then ordered his reiatsu to crush Ryan as he lay in the sand. "I'll teach you to mess with my loved ones as if they were playthings!" he roared in his mind, going to crush Ryan with massive reiatsu. However, the "spirit" of Senka protected Ryan, shocking both Ryan and Seireitou. Even more astounding was that she was holding a zanpakuto. "The products of my attack, don't use zanpakuto!" yelled an alarmed Ryan. The spirit of Senka stood tall, "Seireitou, I can not let this continue. You're gonna hurt your best friend?! What has happened to you?! Are you that unsure of our love, that you aren't will to let me go." she roared in anger.

Seireitou stared at Senka, his mind in a daze at the image presented infront of him. "Sen... ka..." he began, not before his mind went blank, his eyes becoming pitch black as an evil lavender colored aura awoke around Sei in fury.

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