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Two across

Name Two Across or Meguriau Futari
Translation Serendipitous Pair
User Kai
Bankai Name Unknown
Bankai Translation Unknown

Two Across, or as it's actually called, Meguriau Futari is the second light and dark Zanpakuto of Kai.


Kai gained Meguriau Futari at the same time he gained Ashiki, however why he has 2 Zanpakutos is unknown.


Two Across (Meguriau Futari) is a silver/white and black colored Zanpakuto. It's appearance isn't that of a normal katana but many beings have noticed and commented on how it looks much like a skeleton key.


Under Construction


The release command is, "Cross the Threshold." When released Two Across has two forms. It's first is Two Across becoming one of two forms, one representing light and the other, dark. It's other form is pretty much it's sealed form but with Two Across' abilities.


Two Across' Light Form


Two Across' Dark Form


The only thing known of Two Across' Bankai is what it looks like. Which is pretty much both light and dark blades at the same time. The other is Two Across' sealed form, dual.
Two Across' Release

Two Across' Regular Bankai Form


  • Many people that have seen Meguriau Futari don't know what it means. Originally Kai told them it's actual meaning but even then most didn't know what Serendipitous meant so now he simply tells them that it means Two Across which pretty much means the same thing. Because of this many of Kai's friends and enemies call this blade Two Across.
  • This weapon is based off the Kingdom Hearts 2 keyblade, Two Across. In fact Meguriau Futari is what it was called in the Japanese version of the game.
  • Because Kai refers to it so much as Two Across it seems the blade has registered the name and thus when Kai says the release command he can use either name.

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