Hello everybody. Depending on where you are in the world, the first of January has either came already for you or is coming up very soon, and ultimately so, the year of 2017 has finally come. Therefore, I'd like to issue to all of you a very happy New Years. As we say goodbye to 2016, which contained its share of joy, sadness, miracles, disappointments, and so on, we look forward to the future in hopes of better tidings. Some of you are hoping to see greater success in your line of work, perhaps your field of study; personal activities, hobbies, and sports. Perhaps some of you hope that things go well for your family, or well in your relationships, or perhaps you're like me and you hope 2017 is finally the year you find someone special long-term.

Whatever the case, one of the things that I find great value in is you all. This is just a fan fiction site, on some unimportant region of the internet, visited by a handful of people every now and again. But I hold this place in great importance because it led me to meeting great new friends, and allowed me the chance to improve my writing abilities, while working together with other talented writers such as yourselves. This place allowed me to encounter amazing people and gain tremendous experience; aspects I would not trade for anything.

Well... perhaps another bottle of rum. You know Shonen is hiding all the good stuff from me.

But anyways.

"Everything we've done, we've done together. We got here together, and we're still here. Things have happened, but it's always worked out for us, 'cause it's always been all of us. That's how I know. 'Cause as long as it's all of us, we can do anything."
—Rick Grimes

For me, "all of us" means a lot of things. It means my family, it means my best friends, it means my brothers-in-training, and of course, it means you guys too. Over the years that this place has been around, we've gone through a lot. Inter-Wiki disputes, arguments, conflicts between individuals and even groups, all manner of depressing things. But through it all, things have worked out, one way or another. And it's all because of you guys. All of us. We've grown apart, some of us, but we reformed new friendships; new bonds. We let go of past bitterness and hatred, and in doing so, we began to embrace one another as both fellow authors and as friends of varying degrees. We're still here, our wiki still thrives, even on those truly slow days or weeks or even months. We still manage to get things going. Because, as the quote says above, as long as it's been all of us, we can accomplish anything.

We're still here. Still going strong. We keep on. We are Bleach Fan Fiction Wikia.

I look forward to continuing our work here on BFF, as we continue working together and hopefully welcome newcomers down the line as well.

So once more, Happy New Years!

--Silver-Haired Seireitou (Dosvidaniya, tovarisch.) 06:39, January 1, 2017 (UTC)

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