Utatora is a wind type zanpakuto. It has a square shaped handle with black leather grip and a shuriken shaped guard. The blade is thin and long, about 4 to 5 feet.


Utatora's release phrase is "Saezeru" (literally Chirp!). When released it becomes a thin dagger with a serrated blade. The handle is regualr know and there is no guard. When in Shikai, Utatora can produce large blades of wind that work as if they are serrated. The user can also can float above the sky's with ease.


In Bankai, Utatora becomes a long gold staff with a large ring on the end. Bankai is activated simply by saying "Ban-kai". The staff is light and easy to handle for the wielder only. If someone else was to hold it, it would seem to be to heavy to hold. The staff can create large blasts of winds that can put major pressure on a targets body. While not as strong as most Zanpakuto, Utatora is good for movement.


  • Utatora means "Song Bird"

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