English Translation Wind Witherer
User Unknown
Shikai Abilities Hypnosis
Shikai Unknown
Shikai meaning Unknown
Bankai Abilities Unknown
Bankai Unknown
Bankai meaning Unknown

Vedrfolnir (ヘデルホルーニャ; Hederuhoru-nya) was a legendary zanpakutō of Soul Society that remains sealed in an undisclosed location, separate from its sister blade Nidhogg. It was said to hold the properties of the "heavens and knowledge," though the exact meaning behind those two words are uncertain.

The Seal

"The brooding darkness is growing. I call thee from thy slumber and reveal those of the dark!"
—Seal breaking incantation

This zanpakutō, unlike Nidhogg, was hidden as a typical ceremonial sword used by the Royal Special Task Force on special occasions involving the Spirit King. The only indication that the ceremonial blade is Vedrfolnir is its history as among the most recent blades to be recognized for use in ceremonial purposes.

Personality and traits

Despite the name, Vedrfolnir is a female zanpakutō spirit. She was the antithesis of Nidhogg: kind and encouraging rather than cold and manipulative. Vedrfolnir takes insults harshly, despite being understanding of the ways of the shinigami. She understood the meaning behind the direct orders of Commander-General Yamamoto that caused her imprisonment for some thousand years, though not happy about it.

Powers and abilities

Vedrfolnir uses a hypnotic ability, creating realistic illusions that are difficult to overcome. These illusions are made real by the manipulation of one's own senses in such an intricate method that the only way to cut off the hypnosis would be to shut down a majority of one's own senses and great willpower, combined. This ability cannot be used in conjunction with Nidhogg's energy sapping ability without the help of Ratatoskr.

Behind the scenes

Vedrfolnir is named after the hawk that resides upon an unnamed eagle at the top of the Yggdrasil Tree in Norse mythology.

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