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The Volta Angelos (Italian for, Arch Angels) is the organization which most Angelo join, and one of the three main branches of military in Heaven. It is split into ten divisions, with several divisions having certain specializations. The Volta Angelos is subservient to the edicts of the Soul King. They also have jurisdiction over the Central 46 Chambers. The Cherub Corps, not officially considered as part of the Volta Angelos, is still under the authority of the Soul King, and works in a similar manor to the Kido Corps, it is why it is actually here, but officially, both Cherub Corps and the Seraphim are not part of the Volta Angelos. Despite their late appearance into the plot, the Volta Angelos are often considered to be a major group of protagonists of Bleach: The Akujin Saga, particularly during the second half of the series, being responsible for much of the conflict that transpired within the series' continuity.

The Volta Angelo are regarded as the most powerful Angelo in existence. At any given time, the Volta Angelo has a nominal composition of ten members, all hand-picked by Yeshua himself and they have ten angel officers under them at all times, giving them similar structure to both the Espada and the Gotei 13. Along with Yeshua the Volta Angelo as a group possess comparable strength to Soul Society's Gotei 13 Shinigami Captains and the Espada's arrancar ranks.

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