Waizu Wan is captain of the 1st Division and therefore Captain-Commander of the 13 Gotei as well.

Waizu Wan
Age 1000



Waizu is an elderly shinigami with white hair and a long beard.


The two traits that dominate Waizu's personality is his compassion and his sense of logic. Ironically for a captain commander he is quite an independent individual, particularly when he disagrees with Central's decisions. When Rukia was to be executed he questioned over the 'justice' of her punishment.

A born philosopher, Waizu likes to silently contemplate about the world. His greatest dream is to create a just, rational and liberal world with himself as its leader.


Waizu was born in one of the four principal noble houses in Sereitei. He achieved his position through the exam.

Powers and Abilities

One of the swiftest of the shinigami, Waizu is a master of kendo and hand-to-hand. Few can defeat him and he is known to defeat significant numbers alone.

Waizu's Zanpakuto is Kazeryu, and its release command is "howl". The sword tranforms into an iron tipped staff, which can control air currents. It is capable of creating great gushes of wind. Its most powerful attack is the tornado attack, which is created by constantly spinning the staff. However it takes a certain amount of time in order to be executed perfectively.

In Bankai form, Kazeryu takes on the form of a giant dragon made of wind. In this form Kazeryu is able to create wind and control all air.

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