They are a type of soul found in Hell.

What are Wraiths?

They are souls in Hell that have powerful abilities that make them unique.

They are created when a soul that is turned into a hollow and sent to Hell, they recieve powers and are turned into a different form.

The more evil a person is, the more decomposed they are. A none-evil soul, possibly suicide, will have pale skin and pale eyes, that is the minimum. A completely evil soul will be a pure skeleton, that is the maximum.

The Wraiths are kept in massive walled cities called Cities of the Damned, and they are kept in there for all eternity, fighting off demons and controlling the city.

The New Soul Society

They are a group of thirteen Wraiths that wish to control the Soul Society. They escaped from Hell a long time ago, and wish to enforce their own hellish rule. They are led by a rogue Grim Reaper named Xolonort.

The New Soul Society
Leader Xolonort
Commander-General Karl Krauss
2nd Captain Flame-Beard
3rd Captain Mister Anderson
4th Captain Billy Pear
5th Captain Nina Hovoltski
6th Captain Doctor Vin Grand
7th Captain Unknown
8th Captain
9th Captain
10th Captain
11th Captain
12th Captain
13th Captain

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