Yūko Chōsokabe
Age Unknown
Birthdate 11 July
Height 6ft 2in
Weight 96 lbs
Gender Female
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Occupation 6th Seated Officer of 7th Division
Previous Occupation(s) 16th Seated Officer of 7th Division

Yūko Chōsokabe (長宗我部裕子, Chōsokabe Yūko) is the 6th Seated Officer of the 7th Division. She has a rare case of multiple personalities.


Yūko has a rare chase of multiple personalities, where she has 3 different personalities, outside from her usual self. The first is herself during the meetings, assignments, conversation and normal stuff. The second is the fighter, who is incredibly skilled with fighting. The third, is a very strict one, who believes in following the rules word by word. The fourth and last is the evil personality of hers, who does not hestitate to kill anyone who is in her way.

The first: normal day and activities, the second: sparing and fighting opponents, the third: the one with a strong sence of following the rules, and the fourth: the small part of her, which is evil. The two first personalities automatically comes when the situation is suited for them, however the third personality just pops up under conversations if someone says anything about rules, as well as anywhere when the word "rules" comes up. The fourth, the evil one, is tried to be held back by the other ones, and has rarely come out.

It is unknown how she obtained these multiple personalities, because no one knew her before she entered the Shinigami Academy.


Yūko was often disliked at the Shinigami Academy, because of her different personalities made her a top student; following the rules, fighting great, handling everyday stress and work. But, because of her personalities, she never got to be close to someone. She graduated and was immediately put into the 7th Division as unseated officer. The 7th Division is for Therapy and Psychology, which helped her getting a little better control over her other personalities.

She went from unseated officer, to seated officer and then to 6th seated officer quite quick. Alot of unseated officers envy her and her talents. During a sparing match, some unseated officers proceeded to sabotage her while fighting. Their Captain noticed this and an they stopped. Yūko never felt she had a friend, other than her personalities and her Zanpakuto spirit.


Shiragiku (白菊, Chrysanthemum) is Yūko Chōsokabe's Zanpakuto. Is resembles a wakizashi.

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