Yan Oh
Yan oh
Age 20's
Birthdate Unknown
Height 6'7
Weight Unknown
Gender Male
Species Demon
Affiliation Demon Lord
Team Masters of Darkness
Occupation 11th Demon Lord
Previous Occupation(s) Form first Demon Lord
  • Demon Soldier

Yan oh is the Former first Demon,upon battling Heishiro,he lost he rank,and was demoted to the 11th Demon Lord.


Yan oh's Past is unknown.He was the creator of the Demons Lords for five years,until Heishiro came and Defeated him.He lost his rank as the first demon lord,despite this,he has no ill feelings towards Heishiro.


Yan oh rarely speaks, and when he does, he's fairly serious.He seems to be gentle,unlike most Demon Lords,and respect his enemies.A very unique feature about Yan oh is his love of nature,which gets him mocked about the other Demon Lords.He also show concern for his enemies,as well as his subordinates.He does not like or enjoy warfare,finding it completely unnecessary.

Powers & Abilities

Yan oh was the first most powerful Demon Lord,He was unsurpassed.It is unknown if his powers were effected when he dropped in Rank. Most of his powers are unknown,here are his known powers;

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: He is very powerful for his rank. He has been shown to disarm several Shinigami with just hand-to-hand.

Flight:Like most Demon Lords,he is capable of flying.

Weapon Combat: Yan oh Cares a small ,black Knife on his side.It is his main weapon and he has shown to be quite good with it(Although he does not use it much)

Terepashi(テレパシー Telepathy) Allows Yan oh to speak with other demons.All Demon Lords have this Ability.

Super human abilities: Yan oh has many Super Human powers,such as super strength,speed,and Agility.

Armor:Yan oh wears a protective armor,this shield him from most Kido related attacks.The Armor is Invisibility.

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