Yangu Oyobinoroi
Age Unknown (Deceased)
Birthdate Unknown
Height 5ft
Weight Unknown
Gender Male
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Team Unknown
Occupation Unseated Officer of Unknown Division


Yangu was known for his fire-red hair and his great axe, despite his size. He had red eyes and the standard Shinigami uniform.


Yangu was known for being reckless and "young and stupid". He couldn't hold himself serious in a battle, and would either laugh at, tease or make fun of his opponent. This was probably the reason for his defeat against the Hollow in Kanmuro Town.



At one point in time, he was sent to protect Kanmuro Town. At some point after he started protecting the town, he got into a battle with a Hollow and got killed.

Powers and Abilities

Unknown Flash Steps: His Flash Step ability is unknown.

Great Swordsmanship: It was said that he was very strong to be an unseated officer.

Unknown Kido: His Kido level is unknown.



Yangu with Tadai

Yangu's zanpakuto is named Tadai(Heavy). In sealed state, it takes the form of a short hunting knife. It's release command is "Come out and play"

Shikai: Tadai turns into a "heavy" axe.

Shikai Special Abilities: It was said that Yangu was very strong with Tadai.

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