Yonhoshifuu Sentai (literally the Four Star Sealing Corps) is an elite group of Captain level Shingami that practice in sealing hollows. The reason for this group is to seal Hollows for researching reasons. They are also in close relationship with the Soul Guild who take research found from the Yonhoshifuu Sentai and document it.



Master Swordsmanship Specialists- Most members are skilled in using their swords in battle. They have flawless precision and attacking enemy weak points without much effort.

Flash Step Master- Only a few members are masters of Flash Step Masters, this is because they are sealing masters.

Vast Spiritual Energy- All members have vast spiritual energy, being able to use powerful kido and sealing abilities with little effort.

Bakudo Expert- All members are masters of Bakudo (way of binding).


  • Members of the Yonhoshifuu Sentai, are powerful Bakudo experts and are actually able to break free from level 60 and above Bakudo with sheer force.

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