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Yui's appearace can be described the same as that of a typical ghost character in a horror movie, with long black hair, red ruby eyes, and pale skin. Yui normally wears a black sailor uniform but she does wear a black kimono with floral designs. She keeps her eyes covered with her bangs and rarely show her red eyes as she finds it too scary for anyone to look at. Her face rarely shows any emotion and when she does, its not expressed very well.

Hell girl



At first, Yui is silent and serious, never showing much hints of emotion. She had closed her heart from everyone since nobody had talked to her and when they does, its always insults coming from their mouth. When she was alive, her appearance made her a center of discrimination, often being called as a demon. Those insults gave her a trauma and made her unable to speak with anyone except for her zanpakuto.


Yui was once a normal girl living in a remote island. She was often bullied by the other children or sometimes by adults for her appearance. Later, she was befriended by a boy whom she had a crush with. They'll often play when both of their parents is in a ceremony in the island but after an incident in which her friend was killed after a hostage taking she had not opened up with anyone else. After 10 years, a certain disease had spread through out the whole island, the disease had killed countless of people in their, may it be a child or an adult. Only Yui remained unaffected, the reason may be that her spiritual energy is higher than anyone in the island, seeing this, her parents saw her as a demon. They tied her up and brought her to a ceremony hall. The whole village decided that she'll be buried alive along with the disease. Coincidently, after her death, the disease was gone. As a plus, Yui's reiatsu draw a lot of hollows which killed most of the villagers, seeing them being slaughtered, Yui smiled. She was sent to Soul Society by a shinigam who had sensed her. She attended Shino academy and graduated within a year.


Yui's abilities are atleast the same to an average vice-captain.