Yumesanmiittai (roughly Dream Trinity) is a Zanpakutou created by Cyberweasel89, but is free to be used by others. It is a very, very unusual Zanpakutou.

Sealed State

The Zanpakutou is sealed as a pendant. This is extremely unusual, as Zanpakutou can only be sealed as swords or objects about the size and form of a sword (such as umbrellas and canes). How it is possible that the Zanpakutou was sealed as a pendant is unknown.


The User clutches the pendant around their neck and shouts the phrase "Activate, Yumesanmiittai!", taking the pendant off their neck. The pendant glows and forms into a long double-edged sword with a yellow cross guard and blue hilt, a red gem set into the cross guard.

Shikai Abilities

The Shikai can actually take three forms. The Zanpakutou will glow and shift to whichever form the user shouts the name of.

  • Warrior Mode: This takes the form of a double-edged sword, and grants the user incredible skill in Flash Steps.

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