Yylfordt Granz was formerly the 15th Arrancar in Aizen's army. After being defeated by Renji Abarai, Szayel Aporro Granz, Yylfordt's brother attempted to revive him. He succeded. Yylfordt grew more powerful and eventually evolved. He gained the ability to enter the Second State of Ressurection and joined the Haciaparaje.


He has blonde hair worn similar to Byakuya Kuchiki. His mask remanants are of a broken helmet atop his head. He know has dark black eyes and his ear is pierced.


Cero- He like all Arrancar, can use Cero. After being revived, he gains the ability to release a silver colored cero that is usually fired as spear.

Sonido- He is a Sonido master, being able to move at super high speeds. He can travel from any place to another place in a blink of the eye.

Ressurection- Like most arrancar he can use Ressurection, which is the first state of Arrancar.

Ressurction: Segunda Etapa- Like most arrancar he can use Ressurection, which is he second state of an Arrancar.

Swordsmanship- He is a master swordsman, being ambedextrious and a master battle expert. He is somewhat cocky of his abilities.


His Zanpakutou is called Del Toro. When sealed it is a short sword with a diamond shaped guard. The release phrase is Tsukikudake! (literally Skewer!).

Ressurection-When Del Toro is released, Yylfordt's upper body enlarges and is covered in bull-like armor, while his mask seems to completely regenerate, giving him horns. In this form, he walks on four legs and uses his horns to skewer opponents.

Ressurection: Segunda Etapa- In his second state, Yylfordt shrinks back down to human size. He has a bull shaped helmet with two curled horns over the temples. There are three eye slits, each with a green colored eye in it. He resembles a bull, just like before except he is human sized. He has an armored skirt like outfit with three bull like tails coming from the back. He carries a large white spear that has a blue ball in the middle. He also has a bulky chest plate. He still has his long blonde hair.


  • He is the brother of former Espada, Szayel Aporro Granz
  • He is the only arrancar to have been revived after his death.
  • He is the B ranked Haciaparaje.
  • He is later killed by A ranked member of the Haciaparaje Diamante Ol Grande.


  • "I'm back, and stronger than ever"
  • "Where's that red headed bastard"
  • "Skewer!"

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