Vampiro releases his sword against Hide Yamatoro; she proves to be no match for his great power.

Hide stood before Vampiro as he released his zanpakuto and transformed into a horrific beast. His power surged to incredible levels his powerful reiatsu began to crack the very walls around them. Vampiro grinned as Hide struggled to stand up due to his great power.

"Our leader is going to be mad that I'm destroying his palace but as he would say oh well" chuckled Vampiro. "Shit this guy is amonster I can barely stand" Hide said to herself. Knowing that her chances of winning were dwindling Hide released Shunko (Flash Cry). Vampiro lunged in and slashed Hide before she could make the first move leaving a trail of blood all over the palace floor. It took several moments before Hide had realized what had happened, her whole left side had been chopped off in one swipe! She looked over her shoulder to see a grinning Vampiro licking his sword coated in her blood. "So much for your technique eh captain?" he said. She didn't respond, Hide crashed to the floor in a heap. Vampiro walked over towards Hide's unconcious corps but before he could lay a hand on her he was hurled backwards by a tremendous unknown force causing him to crash into the wall behind him.


Zukia stands befor Vampiro ready to protect Hide.

As Vampiro brushed the rubble away he looked up to see a shinigami with red eyes glaring madly at him "Just who the hell are you?!" yelled Vampiro at the mysterious man. "My name is Zukia Tojiro however you can just call me your executioner" he said. "So your the one we were warned about, ha I was expecting someone with a more ferocious look" said Vampiro in a cocky voice. Zukia didn't reply to Vampiro's comment though. "So you're the strong silent type, I respect that captain" said Vampiro as he reached for his sword. Vampiro pointed his sword at Zukia as it began to glow a crimson color, "However guts only gets you so far!" yelled Vampiro as he shot a Tajo de Sangre blast from the tip of his sword.

Zukia stood there as the blazing red attacked rushed towards him. He closed his eyes as in defiance as he spoke softly to himself, "Red is my favorite color".

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