Zeczenski na Timbrda
Zeczenski na Timbrda
Age 450
Height 6ft 0in (ears not included)
Weight 150 lbs
Gender Female
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Reapers of the British Isles
Team none
Occupation Lieutenant of the Seventh Squad, Captain of the Investigation Unit
Previous Occupation(s) none
  • King Roberto na Timbrda (Father)

Zeczenski na Timbrda, or "Zets" for short, is a shinigami. When she was born, she has a rare condition that made her ears long and harelike and increased the length of her feet. She eventually became a member of the seventh division of the Soul Reapers of the British Isles and gradually made her way up in rank to lieutenant. She is also the head of the Investigation Unit, which is unusual due to her nature making her rather unstealthy.


Zets has red eyes and tan skin. She has long, bushy white hair that she keeps tied up in three ponytails, two that go down her sides and one from the back. She has a large chest, but she keeps it well hidden under thick European-style armor- unusual for a shinigami to wear. Her rabbit-like ears are her most distinctive feature, increasing her height by at least two feet.


Zets in an alternate artstyle, more common on this wiki.


She is normally goofy and tries to cheer people up, but during battle she gets nearly as serious as her captain. Zets speaks in a Scottish accent.


Her Soul-Cutting Sword is Drake Princess Eriza, a basic bastard sword with a draconic design. She unleashes Eriza's Shikai, Drake Queen Eriza, by shouting "Take Flight!" In shikai, Eriza has an increased reach, a sharper blade, and cannot be broken by normal attacks. It also possesses a fire-like blast that forms at the blade's base that takes a total of 1 second to reach the tip of the blade and shoot forward at an impressive speed. Zets is also one of the fastest shinigami, rivaling even Yoruichi in speed. She also has excellent hearing due to her large ears.


  • "Fer tha last time, laddies, NO CARROTS!" - yelling at members of the seventh squad for giving her carrots for lunch
  • "Ai, she be a beaut, eh?" - admiring her blade, Eriza
  • "Oh, Great Princess, TAKE FLIGHT!"- another way of activating her Shikai
  • "Better ta be a coward than a cerpse." - imploring her captain to not chase after a particularly dangerous hollow

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