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Zeegod is a male Fantasma Bianca. He is a member of the I Soldati Di Dio. His Fantasma Bianca title is Guerriero Divino (Italian for Divine Warrior).

Purifichi I Dei

His Purifichi I Dei is L'Accidia Di Dio (Italian for "God's Sloth"). In its sealed state, it takes the form of a double-ended axe that fires Assordi when swung.

  • Apòstolo: To release it, Zeegod fires an Assordi randomly, uses Anno Luce to go ahead of it, and absorbs it with his reiryoku. His Apòstolo is called Fuoco Di Foresta (Italian for Forest Fire). A forest grows all around, and Zeegod can grow trees wherever he punches the ground. The forest is not on fire normally, but if he punches a tree, it sets on fire, and he can control the fire from there.
  • Piena Fusione: His Piena Fusione is Grande Re Di Fiamma (Great Flame King in Italian). To release it, Zeegod condenses the entire Fuoco Di Foresta forest fire into armor made of pure flame. This fire disintegrates anything it touches.

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